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Hornady 86238 Critical Defense Triple Defense 410 Gauge 2.50 750 fps 2 Round


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Mfg Part Number:86238 Manufacturer: Hornady Model: Critical Defense
Critical Defense was developed to provide the best performance for personal protection situations and is the ultimate choice for short-barreled, concealed-carry style firearms. Nickel-plated cases resist corrosion and simplify chamber checks in low light. Optimized propellants burn quickly to reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash, preserving night vision. The patented FTX bullet with its Flex Tip expands reliably and resists the clogging and inconsistency that often plague other hollow points when fired through heavy clothing. Critical Defense performs especially well in close-quarters and short-range situations. The Triple Defense load delivers effective shot patterns that place all projectiles on a man-sized target at seven yards. It features a unique Triple Defense projectile column consisting of two 35 caliber round balls topped with one non-jacketed FTX slug. The 41 caliber FTX slug actually engages the gun's rifling, and contacts the target nose-on, enabling the patented Hornady Flex Tip technology to assist in expansion for greatly enhanced terminal performance. Each 35 caliber round ball is made of high antimony, cold swaged lead to resist deformation and provide excellent penetration.
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